Insider Interview: Rachael Warner of Spratters & Jayne

When music photographer Rachael Warner wanted a cool and edgy scarf to protect her from New York City’s winters, she knitted her own.  Before long, she was getting requests from family, friends and complete strangers, and her collection of knitted accessories for men and women, Spratters & Jayne, was born. Along with the nostalgia of growing […]

5 Ways New Fashion Brands Can Build Lasting Relationships with Vendors

When building a product from scratch there are so many planned and unplanned interlocking parts that make starting your own fashion business no easy feat. One of the biggest assets a fashion business owner can have at this stage is a strong, supportive network of suppliers and experienced service providers who will be willing to […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Celebrities to Promote Your Fashion Business

Fashion brands of all shapes and sizes make poor decisions when working with celebrities to enhance their marketing strategy. You can’t rely solely on the celebrity’s status to achieve tangible results; success starts with your own brand. Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions about the current state of your business. In what […]

7 Defining Traits of Socially Successful Fashion Retailers

Browse the internet and you’ll find the success stories of amazing leaders of fashion e-commerce who have managed to build multi-million and even billion dollar businesses on the internet. With social media, these retailers are selling fashion directly to their customers while keeping customer acquisition costs low. They know how to leverage social media as a […]

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Fashion Showroom

Independent showrooms are an important part of the fashion business. Most designers don’t have the time to call retailers, hold sales appointments, or deal with all the customer service that comes with selling a fashion line. Showrooms can be a cost effective way to get your product into the marketplace quickly and get feedback from […]